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This swimsuit depicting the ancient Greek myth "The Abduction of the Marathon Virgin" is a real magnet attracting strong and confident men who know what they want and how to get it. What is the secret of the beach outfit? It is not just a swimsuit but an elegant masterpiece made by a representative of the mystical direction in the Pre-Raphaelites art. Reproduced in 1896 by the English artist Evelyn de Morgan, it reflects the love story of the north wind god Boreas and the Earth girl Orithyia. The mightiest and most indomitable of all winds, once he fell in love, he went soft and moderated his impudent temper. The blond inhabitant of Attica doubted her choice because of the divine origin and the countless power of her admirer and rejected Boreas. Then the god went to Orithyia's father but he also did not approve of the alliance. Tormented by love, Boreas decided to abduct the marathon virgin. So the god has done it - he swung his mighty wings, lifted the beautiful girl up to heaven, and carried her away to his kingdom. There, she became a queen - loving and beloved - and never regretted what happened. For this strong and powerful god was always gentle and kind to her. Let this luxurious swimsuit with a bright print tell everybody that you are not only a charming but also an intelligent woman. And your unique beauty can only be complemented by a man capable of real action.