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About Us

Enjoy: sophisticated masterpieces by the Italian brand
A sparkling swimsuit decorated with rhinestones or delicate underwear with airy lace are both the choices of a woman who knows her self-worth. She's used to admiring looks and having all the best, for she'll never agree on less. She knows how to seduce, bewitch, and drive men crazy in all kinds of circumstances - whether it's an azure coastline or a luxurious boudoir. There's something in her beauty that one simply cannot resist.
That is the way you are going to feel when first trying on Enjoy's swimsuit or underwear. The brand was founded almost 10 years ago when a team of Italian designers decided to move away from mass production templates and began creating something truly exclusive. The first creations of the masters were immediately recognized at their homeland, and today their pieces are popular all around the world. In Russia, the brand is represented by Enjoy Brand LLC. Original Enjoy items are not about copying trends or tendencies. It is about genuine luxury, true elegance, and embodied sensuality. The designers manage to convey feminine sexuality in a way that is surprisingly subtle and graceful: all the garments expressively emphasize each curve of the figure and yet have no trace of vulgarity. That is why the brand's products are appreciated not only by beautiful ladies but also by men with good taste.
Each swimsuit or lingerie set made by Enjoy creates a unique image. It's a real masterpiece, elaborated for longer than one day. Handiwork, Swarovski rhinestones, pearls, and a whole sea of inspiration are the keys to the unique charm of great items that are waiting only for you.


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