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The brand's designers do not skimp on colors and emotions - after all, this creates a mood! The crowning glory of their creation is the Alexandra Beach Set, which sets off a new collection of highlights. Neon shades, collected in a single composition, coupled with a flying, feminine silhouette, give freedom and lightness. The long skirt has a seductively high neckline that shows off the slimness of the legs. A cropped blouse with wide sleeves accentuates the waist and exposes the neckline. Such a set is simply invaluable in cases when you need to demonstrate your taste, femininity and charm.

Return and exchange policy:
In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, a product purchased at an online store can be returned. You can do this in compliance with the Law of the Russian Federation "On the Protection of the Consumers' Rights" of February 7, 1992 No. 2300-1.
Return policy for goods of proper quality
The Customer has the right to cancel the purchase at any time before and within 7 days after the transfer of the goods.
Return of the goods of proper quality is possible if its commodity form, consumer properties, as well as the document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the goods in question are preserved.
The Customer has no right to cancel the purchase of goods of proper quality that have specific individual properties if the goods in question can be used exclusively by the person who buys them.
Thus, the Customer of an online store must check the integrity and quality of the order when the goods are delivered in the presence of a representative of the company that carries out the delivery.
In case of the Customer's cancellation of the purchase, the Seller must make a refund of the amount paid by the Customer under the contract, except for the Seller's expenses for delivery of the returned product from the Customer, not later than in 10 days from the moment of the Customer's submission of the corresponding request.
Return policy for goods of improper quality
The term "goods of improper quality" refers to goods that are unable to perform their functions due to a significant defect (faulty/malfunction).
The Customer who has purchased the goods of improper quality, unless this has been agreed upon by the Seller, has the right, at his choice, to make any of the following requests:
- exchange for a product of the same brand (model, part number) or for the same product of another brand (model, part number) with a corresponding recalculation of the purchase price;
- a proportional reduction in the purchase price;
- non-repayable elimination of the defects or reimbursement of the costs for their elimination by the Customer or a third party;
- withdrawal from the contract and making a request for a refund of the amount paid for the goods.
All the above-listed requests regarding the return of goods of improper quality may be brought to the Seller's attention within the following time limits:
If the goods are subject to a warranty period - during the whole warranty period;
If the goods are not subject to a warranty period - within a reasonable timeframe but not more than 2 years.
The online store has the right to refuse the exchange or return of the goods if it deems that the detected essential defect is a consequence of misuse of the goods.
In the event of any disputes arising from the quality or causes of the defects, the online store has the right to conduct an independent examination at its own expense. The Customer may participate in the examination and challenge its decision in court. If the examination establishes that the defects of the goods have been caused by the Customer, the Customer is obliged to reimburse the online store for the cost of the examination as well as any transportation and storage costs related to the examination.
Please note:
By receiving the order and signing the accompanying documents, the Customer confirms that he has received the order in full, all items are free of external damage and correspond to those that he ordered. Once the order is received, no claims regarding external defects of the goods, their quantity, integrity, or commodity form are to be accepted.
Terms of delivery
Convenient delivery in Moscow and worldwide shipping
We are the official representative of the EnjoyBrand Italian Factory and provide comfortable shipping services to our customers all over the world.
Delivery in Moscow with a possibility of trying on 15 swimsuits
Exquisite rhinestones and sparkling sequins, the spiciness of bikini, and the elegance of one-piece models... Choosing the right swimsuit from the huge Enjoy selection can be a real challenge. And there's no way you can do it without trying them all on. But wasting hours in Moscow traffic jams to get to the store, and then waiting in line for the changing room - is this what a queen deserves?
For the ladies who appreciate their comfort, we are offering the "Delivery and trying-on" service. Our courier will bring the swimwear of your choice wherever you want - just set a time and place that works for you. You can try on up to 15 models - thoughtfully and in no hurry. The calm and relaxed atmosphere will allow not only to evaluate the visuals but also to experience the tenderness of luxurious fabrics, see the transformation of your body figure, and mentally get carried away on the enticing azure coast. The time for trying the items on is not limited - you can enjoy the process for as long as it takes for you to choose the perfect ones.
Courier delivery hours and price:
· Moscow and suburbs - daily from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. You can choose a suitable 3-hour interval for the courier to arrive at this time. The price is 1000 rubles.
· Delivery outside the Moscow Ring Road and to the Moscow Oblast - daily from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The price is 1500 rubles.
Shipping within Russia and CIS: courier and transport companies
All over Russia and the CIS countries shipping is carried out by a courier either to the warehouse of the transport company in your town or to you in person.
You may choose from our partner companies:
· Major Express
· EMS Courier Service
Worldwide shipping
No matter where you are, you cannot be deprived of the opportunity to enjoy exclusive EnjoyBrand garments. For our clients, we are offering worldwide courier delivery. Your order can be delivered to a transportation company warehouse or to you in person depending on your preferences.
Our products are shipped worldwide by the following companies:
· FedEx
· EMS Courier Service