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You think of a bikini as something light, carefree, and fleeting? Not unless it's a swimsuit with a printed reproduction of famous paintings by French artist William Bouguereau. The model with "Cupid and Psyche" and "The Abduction of Psyche" canvases painted back in the 19th century inspired by the ancient Greek myth is truly amazing. It tells a story about overcoming obstacles and trials, about love and devotion. Psyche was an Earth girl of extraordinary beauty that has overshadowed Aphrodite herself. And Cupid fell in love with her. The Queen of Olympus got angry and made the poor girl perform four difficult tasks. The only thing she couldn't handle was the last one so she went lethargic. But her beloved saved her, having injected her with the tip of his arrow. Together, they ascended to heaven to become Gods. In this swimsuit full of hidden meaning and energy, not only will you be irresistible. You will also show everyone what an inquisitive and interesting person you are!